my life be like <3

Haven’t been on here in a whilee , I had my daughter <3

Emily Lisbeth Sandoval [:

gonna be 3 weeks old on Thursday.

Born On October 25th (: 3:15 AM

7 LBS 10 OZ <3


i wish my family wouldn’t be so broken, so lost, so gone, but hey everything happens for a reason.
breezy (self)
Somethings about me..
  • I get jealous of the smallest things
  • I get mad at when people act like they’re stupid
  • I get bored if you can’t make me laugh
  • I get annoyed easily when it’s hot
  • I think negatively too much
  • I forgive people that shouldn’t be forgiven 
  • I care too much
  • I dislike a lot of things
  • My biggest relieve is working out
  • Favorite memory: seeing aiden’s first tooth come out.
  • Love or trust: TRUST
  • Sometimes, everything just bothers me 
  • When I fall for someone, I fall hard

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